Texas Cemeteries, Gravestones and Tombstones

   Aug 23

Guadalupe County Cemetery List Updated

The Guadalupe County Cemetery List has been updated with information on hundreds of cemeteries — including maps to most of the cemeteries, directions and lists of transcriptions available on the internet.

The cemeteries are listed by all of the names they were once called.  So, if your ancestor was buried in a cemetery that’s called something else now, the cemetery is listed both ways in the index.

Take a look at Guadalupe County Cemeteries

   Aug 19

New Bayview Cemetery in Hillcrest, Nueces County, Hit by Vandals

Vandals damaged nearly 90% of the headstones at New Bayview Cemetery in the Hillcrest Community in Nueces County.

The damage was discovered by members of our local Historical Commission, who were appalled at the find.   It now looks as if somebody drove through the cemetery and took out nearly every single headstone there.


Read full article.


A follow up.  Local citizens are stepping up to help with the clean up of the cemetery.


   Jul 27

Pumphrey Cemetery, Runnels County — A Texas Historic Cemetery

Pumphrey Cemetery in Runnels County has received the Historic Texas Cemetery status.

Five cemeteries in Runnels County now have this designation:  Walthall, Hoffman, Lutheran, Crews and Pumphrey.

Pumphrey Cemetery map and information


   Jul 27

Dickens County, Texas Cemetery List — Updated

Dickens County Cemeteries – updated.  Including maps and information on these cemeteries:

Afton Cemetery
Amity Cemetery
Cottonwood Cemetery
Dickens Cemetery
Duck Creek Cemetery
Espuela Cemetery

McAdoo Cemetery
Red Mud Cemetery
Red Top Cemetery
Spur Memorial Cemetery
Steele Hill Cemetery
Tap Cemetery

and information on these cemeteries: Ballard Creek Grave, Glass Ranch Burial, Standifer Thicket Grave, Wesley Family Cemetery,  Woodward Ranch Burial


   Jul 16

Riggs Cemetery, Cleveland, Texas … A Symbol of Family Pride

Riggs Cemetery, a family cemetery in Cleveland, Texas, was awarded a Historic Texas Cemetery marker in 2012.  Read an article about the history of this small family cemetery from yourhoustonnews.com.

   May 29

Cedar Grove Cemetery in Trinity County Cemetery Vandalized

Cedar Grove Cemetery in Trinity County hit by vandals.  It’s a shame that they knocked over and destroyed such beautiful headstones.


   May 26

Taylor County, Texas Cemeteries — updated

Taylor County, Texas Cemeteries — updated

Maps, Transcriptions, Photos and other information for each cemetery.


Taylor County includes Abilene, Tye, Merkel, Tuscola, Buffalo Gap and other towns.


   May 24

Angelina County, Texas Cemeteries — updated

Angelina County, Texas Cemeteries — updated

Maps, Transcriptions, Photos and other information for each cemetery.


   May 20

Blanket Cemetery Damaged by Tornado

Blanket Cemetery located in Blanket, Brown County was damaged tonight by a tornado that also damaged the high school gym, cafeteria and other buildings.